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Dan WiddisWe've had a number of names over the years - but always the same; ownership, quality and service. After considerable market research we decided to change our web name from TenPlusPrinterCartridges.com to PrintCartridgePro.com - it's easier to say AND type...and it sounds good too, not to mention it also speaks to who we are; 1) We're a print cartridge company, and 2) We don't just "sell" this stuff - we're professionals. Our goal is not to sell you something, it's simply to meet your needs with the RIGHT cartridge for your printer, using the best product on the market, at the lowest possible price we can offer.

Since 1993 our sales staff have provided thousands of businesses, from coast to coast, with the very best in printing solutions and our website does that for you in a single, simple, easy to use package.

We are proud to present you with our product line-up and have every confidence these products will meet or exceed your expectations. From inkjet and toner cartridges to postage meter supplies, impact printer ribbons and now even 3D printer filaments. You can save money using recycled print cartridges, count on PrintCartridgePro™ to work overtime for your satisfaction and you can count on our products providing you with all the quality and yield you would expect of the brand name option - all while saving a considerable amount of money.

You MUST be satisfied with your purchased product or we will replace it free of charge. We back EVERYTHING we sell for a full 12 months from the original purchase date…they are just that good.

So, whether you're buying printer toner in Saginaw, print cartridges in Lansing, or printer inkjets in Muskegon or you want to buy printer cartridges in Grand Rapids, MI or anywhere else in America, go ahead and purchase in confidence knowing that not only are you getting the very BEST products in the industry at great prices (and FREE shipping on all orders over $50), you are also helping the environment.


Dan Widdis

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To reach us please use the CONTACT US form first, it is our preferred method of communicating with you - that way we always have a printable record of our communications. If you feel it is necessary to call, please use our toll-free message service, you will not be connected directly to a person, but if you feel you need a "LIVE" voice just say so and I'll personally call you back ASAP.

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