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Are XL cartridges just higher priced versions of my regular cartridge?

Posted by Dan Widdis on 1/9/2018 to News
Are XL cartridges (ink or toner) just more expensive versions of the same thing? Why are they available and should I buy them if my printer can use them?

First, it should be noted that not all printers can use the High-Yield (X or XL) cartridges. I must confess, in nearly 25 years of service in this industry I have seen this many times over and still do not understand the reason HP, or any other printer manufacturer, would restrict some users from taking advantage of the more cost effective X, XL High-Yield print cartridges.

Now, I'll begin with the second question first and end with the first. They are available for many reasons and YES you should use them whenever you can. They cost less to print with (on a per page basis), and are also a benefit to higher volume printers so that the end-user doesn't need to change cartridges as often as would otherwise be the case.

No, they're not merely more expensive versions of the same thing. Far too many people believe the only reason the X or XL cartridges are there is to increase the dollar total at the cash register - that is clearly NOT the case with print cartridges. X or XL print cartridges are designed to print from 25% more to nearly triple the amount of the Low-Yield (standard version) cartridge, the estimated yields will vary based on any given cartridge. For example; some OEM cartridges have the A version, the X, the XL the XXL and Super Capacity yield. Here at PrintCartridgePro.com we offer the sizes the OEM manufactures, however, in some cases we have opted to create our own "Jumbo" version cartridge when our R & D staff have determined the OEM has left significant air space in the cartridge housing to enable us to increase the cartridge output without sacrificing quality. 

Below is a LIVE example dated 1/09/2018 taken from our own website of the difference in a commonly used inkjet cartridge. As you can plainly see, the XL cartridge costs approximately 1/2 the amount to use as the lower yield version. To determine the CPP (Cost Per Page) of any cartridge simply divide the cost by the estimated page yield. Here at PrintCartridgePro.com you may purchase either cartridge you like, however, if you contact us first we will do our very best to steer you toward whichever cartridge is the most cost effective for you to use.

Now that you know more about CPP and how to calculate it for yourself, you can use this information to shop better. Calculate the CPP of purchasing OEM cartridges from the Office Supply store and see the true cost difference between giving your hard-earned money to them vs. keeping more of it for yourself when you purchase your print cartridges at PrintCartridgePro.com!

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