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Can I Trust The Printer Technician, Or My IT Staff - If My Printer Needs Service?

Posted by Dan Widdis on 2/5/2018 to News

Your printer isn’t working properly so you call around to see if anyone knows somebody who can fix your printer, you Google “Printer repair [your city & state]” or you may have your own IT staff and decide to go that route.

Wow, this is a LOADED question! And no doubt I will catch much flack from all sides on this because the rest of the question should read “Without Robbing Me Blind”. The short answer is “NO” to both – read on to see why.

Have you ever taken your car to the garage to have the mechanic check out that “clunking sound” you hear even if you just drive over a crack in the pavement – only to have the mechanic come back to you with a long list and an estimate for over $500 for necessary repairs? So you tell the mechanic you need a week or two to come up with the cash and in the meantime you have your cousin Larry look over your car and the only thing he could find was a broken exhaust hanger – a $15 part, and he tells you he can have it done in under a ½ hour and all you owe him is the money for the part and a pizza?!

I was told by an honest mechanic, during the course of a one-on-one B2B coffee meeting for our favorite networking organization, that when he was in college studying to be a mechanic one of the BIG topics they discussed was increasing the revenue for the garage and that the BEST practice was to make sure EVERY job came with a MINIMUM of a $500 service estimate. The professor teaching the course very correctly told the mechanic students that MOST people are naïve and will simply pay to have the service done – and they may even come back month after month after month for the same abuse provided the mechanic is sincere in delivering the $500 service estimate!!

Now, to be fair, your car probably DID need the spark plugs, filters, hoses, belts, alignment, brakes, etc. along with that $15 exhaust hanger – but that’s NOT what you came in for… remember? You came in for a “clunk” and if the mechanic was any kind of friend he would have said “It’s $30 for today and here’s a list of some other things I noticed, think it over and let me know when you’d like to have those fixed.”

So, yeah, that’s my take on the printer technician and the IT Staff, they’re either on commission or they honestly have no clue so they tell you to get a new printer or stop using the brand of cartridges you’ve been using… for some unknown reason, but that’s their default solution. It’s not to say that they’re dishonest or looking to pad their own pockets at your expense, but:

1.       If you’re calling a technician to fix your printer – and it’s NOT the same company you buy your toner from… guess what – THE “NECESSARY” REPAIRS ARE ALWAYS BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT BUYING TONER FROM HIS COMPANY! Maybe his company sells OEM, compatible, remanufactured or something they just found on eBay yesterday – whatever the case you will be told you wouldn’t be having this issue (or ANY issue) if you were buying your toner from his company;

a.       Because the technician will say their toners are better

                                                               i.      Usually a bunch of hooey – this is a ploy for an increase in his/her check

b.       Because the technician will say your current toners destroyed your printer

                                                               i.      Can’t happen or EXTREMELY RARE – I’ve only seen it twice in 25 years

c.       Because the technician will say “ANY” cartridge is better than what you’re using

                                                               i.      Who is this person and how long have THEY been in the cartridge business?

d.       Because the technician will say this is going to be an expensive repair

                                                               i.      Which is most likely going to be covered 100% by the cartridge company IF it’s true (as was the case with the only 2 cases I witnessed in 25 years)

e.       Because the technician will say the toner you’re using is causing your paper jams

                                                               i.      Virtually impossible

f.        Because the technician will say the toner you’re using damaged your printer feed rollers

                                                               i.      Virtually impossible

g.       Because the technician will say the toner you’re using destroyed the fuser

                                                               i.      Highly implausible – this can only happen if the fuser’s separation claws are coated in baked on toner which would have been causing paper jams for a long time prior to damaging the fuser. Remedy #1: scrape the separation claws clean with your fingernails… this is such a no-brainer and any skilled technician knows about it and will make more friends by being honest rather than trying to fleece an unwitting client. Remedy #2: talk with your toner provider and explain to them their toner is not properly mated to your printer’s fuser temp because it is melting the vinyl in the toner rather than causing it to adhere to the paper allowing it to pass through leaving a clean fuser.

1.       Knowledge Point: Your fuser is designed to be replaced after a certain number of pages have been printed – you can even buy the fuser and do it yourself VERY EASILY. Be a smart buyer – research the consumables in your printer and be aware of their life expectancy so you won’t be taken advantage of by a con artist, fuser replacement is NOT a cartridge issue!

h.       Because the technician will say the toner you’re using damaged the power supply

                                                               i.      Virtually impossible

i.         Because the technician will say the toner you’re using is responsible for global warming

                                                               i.      Yeah… let’s go with that – duh!

2.       If you’re calling your IT Staff to fix your printer – ask yourself, would you trust the same person to fix your car, or your refrigerator, or your washing machine, or your BlueRay player, or your overhead garage door? I mean seriously, what is it about these people that makes you believe they know anything about printers and can fix them?! Is it:

a.       The printer is connected to the computer so they’re one and the same

b.       The printer has wires connected to it

c.       The printer is the same color as your computer

d.       You put CD’s into your computer, and toners into your printer, therefore since you stick things in both and the IT Staff can fix one they can automatically fix the other

e.       You don’t understand how a printer OR a computer works and so you assume that since they know how a computer works then obviously they MUST understand printers

f.        The printer and the computer both sit on your desk

g.       The printer and the computer were both purchased at the same store

h.       They’re the IT person and just really a lot smarter than you are

i.         Ummmmm

SOLUTION: START with the company you get your toner from in the first place, explain what’s happening with your printer, and describe any printer messages that may be displaying on the printer interface screen. If it’s cartridge related (and you’re buying your cartridges from a reputable source like PrintCartridgePro.com) the print cartridge salesperson should be informed enough to tell you to replace the cartridge and see if that remedies the situation. And… if it doesn’t, they should be honest enough to tell you what the cause for your problems might be and suggest a solution, which might even include contacting a competitor who services printers. Many times you will be able to get your printer up and running in moments with no cost involved.

If you purchase your toners online check with the company you buy from to see if they have a toll-free support number, or a “Contact Us” link on their website – if not… you’re buying your supplies from the WRONG source and that’s not a good thing because there honestly is a LOT of JUNK out there, be an informed buyer! Or if you have a business card or price list look for the contact information there – again, if there’s no contact info you should NOT be buying from that company! You should expect answers the same day, typically in under 2 hours – after all, it’s their job to make sure that you can do your job.

The point is to be informed and to begin seeking help from the right person(s) and then work from that perspective.

For more information about printing issues contact:

PrintCartridgePro.com, https://www.printcartridgepro.com/crm.asp?action=contactus, Toll-Free 844-230-6384

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