Can Using A Remanufactured Cartridge VOID Your New Printer Warranty?

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Can Using A Remanufactured Cartridge VOID Your New Printer Warranty?

Posted by Dan Widdis on 2/28/2018 to News

The short answer is “NO” but you need to understand WHY.

We’ve all heard the term “Read the fine print” but do any of us actually do it? The box and packaging your new printer came in have warnings all over them “Use ONLY brand name products” “Do NOT use remanufactured or refilled cartridges” “Use of anything other than brand name cartridges can VOID your new printer’s warranty” and on and on and on. And if you purchase a larger printer/copier/fax the technician who brought and/or installed it will attempt to tell you to ONLY use cartridges purchased from them or it will VOID your machine’s warranty.

So what’s the truth, WHY did I open this article with the answer NO if it’s plain to see to anyone that there are plenty of warnings against it? You read what you wanted to read, like when the person you’re arguing with say’s “you only hear what you want to hear.” The FACT is if you will go back and read each of those statements again, and EVEN if you read ALL the warnings attached to your new printer – you will NOT find one single piece of evidence that using a remanufactured cartridge will in fact void your new printer warranty!

We’re not arguing semantics here, we’re dealing with cleverly worded phrases designed to implant a message into your brain that really isn’t there! FACT: Federal Law prohibits the OEM manufacturer from forcing you to use their products! The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act is a Federal Law enacted in 1975 to protect consumers against being forced into buying OEM price-controlled goods. For example; an auto manufacturer cannot tell you what brand of gas or oil to use in your car, a toaster manufacturer cannot tell you what brand of bread to buy, a sewing machine manufacturer cannot force you to use a certain brand of thread, a computer manufacturer cannot demand you use a particular brand of blank CD’s or DVD’s – and a printer company cannot force you to purchase their brand of ink or toner!

So, what are they REALLY saying, and how does using a remanufactured cartridge affect your new printer’s warranty? Great questions.

1.       FACT: Every single part of your new printer is covered under a limited warranty…individually. The warranty is a blanket with individual pockets within it. The rollers, the covers, the wiring, the printhead, the scanner lenses, the buttons, even the feet pegs on the bottom – EVERYTHING, individually warranted, but as a whole!

a.       If you opened your printer violently and broke the cover that is “not in keeping with the intended use of the machine” and may or may not be covered under warranty however, breaking that cover will NOT void the warranty on the REST of the parts within the machine! In other words – your printer is still under warranty.

2.       FACT: If you purchase and install, with the intent of using, a remanufactured cartridge in your new printer and in the process break a part of the printer – THAT part is not covered, but your printer is still under warranty.

a.       If in the process of printing the cartridge fails for some VERY STRANGE reason, in some fashion that causes damage to your printer – that or those damaged part(s) are not covered under your warranty, but your printer is still under the blanket warranty – you have NOT lost coverage on the other parts.

3.       FACT: Since 1993 I have sold, delivered and/or installed literally hundreds of thousands of cartridges into printers of every brand, shape, size and type that you can think of and in all that time I only witnessed 2 times when the cartridge actually caused physical damage to a printer. It can happen, but it is extremely RARE. Not only that BUT the remanufactured cartridge warranty offered by covers 100% of repairs or replacement of a printer if it is damaged by one of our cartridges – regardless of the age of the printer, EVEN if the printer is no longer under warranty!

a.       Using a high quality remanufactured cartridge (such as those offered exclusively at might be considered by some to be the equivalent of an extended warranty on their printer(s) since those machines are covered under our warranty – you CANNOT say the same thing about using OEM cartridges.

b.       When counting the cost vs. savings of using’s high quality remanufactured products compared to paying the nose-bleed prices of the OEM option you can see your way clear to actually paying for a high-end replacement for your current printer, using your cost savings alone, once your existing printer has reached it’s intended life expectancy! Now you CANNOT say that about using the OEM version period. Let’s say for example that your new laser printer cost $300 and the brand name cartridge for it cost $119, and the version of the same cartridge is only $69, and you use one full cartridge every 2 months and your printer should last 3 years (your last one did) – you would save $50 every two months or $300/year x 3 years = $900 to go toward your new printer! I’d say you’re ready for an upgrade!

c.       You say you have an inkjet printer instead and it only cost you $59 – OK, let’s run with that scenario. The brand name version of the black ink cost $36 and each of the color inks cost $18 and you use one of each, every month VS. the versions at $21.49 and $13.50 respectively. Using brand name ink costs you $90*/month vs. $61.99 for the version – your savings is $28.01/mo x 36 months = $1,008.36 SAVINGS! With your savings you can replace your printer at least 17 times!!!
*$36 Black + (1 each of Cyan, Magenta & Yellow @ $18/ea = $54) so $36 + $54 = $90

d.       Now, you can either SAVE that money and use it as YOU see fit OR you can give it to the OEM print cartridge manufacturer – but ONE thing’s for certain… you aren’t going to get any more pages or better print choosing the more expensive brand over!

Are you with me here? As an intelligent buyer I know where my bread is buttered – and it ISN’T with using OEM print cartridges! The inks and toners sold at are Unconditionally Guaranteed, True Commercial Grade and CANNOT VOID your new printer warranty – in addition, they print just as nice and last just as long as the OEM version but for MUCH less money! Even the most discerning eye will have great difficulty deciding which print is from which cartridge when you are using our high quality products.

So then WHY does the printer manufacturer try so hard to deceive you into believing you can only use their brand of cartridges? PROFIT – pure and simple. Think about it for a moment, if I can deliver the same cartridge to you for $50 less and I’m still making a profit HOW MUCH ARE THEY MAKING AT $119?! Naturally I understand that a certain amount of profit is necessary to return the cost of development – but this is like pharmaceuticals folks! And let’s not forget, the remanufacturing industry also has large cost invested in re-creating these cartridges to be usable again – we have to understand assembly/disassembly, engineer machines to do that along with pre and post testing, design and test internal components and mate inks/toners with those components in order to achieve the same end results… all while being conscious of patent infringement! We too have invested LARGE sums into releasing these products and the only thing being re-used is the black plastic housing it all came in – not hardly worth the extra $50 bucks if you ask me!

Is there still any concern about using our remanufactured print cartridges in your new printer? I should hope not because as you can see clearly in black and white – there is NO advantage to using OEM in comparison to using remanufactured print cartridges purchased at

One final item here, as a sidenote: Regarding the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act – if any salesman or technician EVER tells you that using ANY cartridge other than the OEM will void your new machine warranty… tell them to put that in writing and have them sign it – because they have just broken the law – and now you KNOW your rights!


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