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Dealing With Telemarketers

Posted by Dan Widdis on 8/14/2017 to News
BEWARE of telemarketers!!! We will NEVER call you for an order, or tell you to "Order NOW because the price is going UP" - these are tactics used by thieves. In the printing supply industry we have had a name for them for years - we call them "Toner Pirates" and for good reason… read on.

Every year businesses lose MILLIONS of dollars to unscrupulous telemarketers who have no concern for the client or knowledge about the products they are selling. All they are after is your money and there is no limit to the tactics they will employ to get it.

Typically these telemarketing companies will contact you from New York, Texas or California - and more importantly they will ONLY contact businesses in states that are several hundred or even thousands of miles away from them. This is important for the con to work because it crosses so many state lines. Once they have convinced a victim that the time to act is "NOW" they run the credit card and eventually ship the victim JUNK product (who even knows where they get this crap from). This is not even the low-end stuff you can purchase off eBay, this stuff is outright garbage!

Now that they have processed your card your product will arrive, but NOT until AFTER your card has paid out and they have your money. And because they will demand you use a purchase order it is hard to convince your credit card company to give your money back because they will say "Obviously you intended to purchase" - that is the first hurdle (unless their product has already damaged your printer). The next issue is trying to track these people down because all you have is a UPS label and a packing slip, but the packing slip only has their bogus company name and NO address or phone number (or a phone number that has been disconnected). If you are lucky enough to actually find the company and can prove it was them, you could not afford to fight them in a court of law unless you were Bill Gates... the out-of-state legal fees will far outweigh whatever the cost of the garbage merchandise and damaged printer(s) cost you.

Here are a couple examples of what I have personally witnessed over the years:

1. A National company - several skids of garbage cartridges hidden in the backroom beneath the stair well covered in dust. The buyer who ordered this garbage was fired and the person who replaced him was "gun-shy" to even talk with a sales rep face to face.

2. A very large National accounting firm - convinced to buy $30,000 worth of toner... NONE OF IT WORKED! They put it all in the dumpster after they discovered the cost of suing a company in California would cost them more than their loss.
3. A medium sized local manufacturing firm - ordered 2 dozen cartridges from a telemarketer... every cartridge printed a "leopard spot" pattern on their pages. When they discovered how much it would cost to sue they bit the bullet and just used the garbage toners.

There are hundreds more examples, but you get the idea. When I started this I said “We will NEVER call you for an order” this is true, we will only call you if; there is an error with your credit card, for some reason we cannot fill your order, or because you called us first - and even then you would ONLY get a call from a person you already know and/or have met in person.

As for warning you if the price were changing – well, it has not changed DRASTICALLY enough over the past 20+ years to warrant a phone call yet. Prices on printing supplies fluctuate with normal market trends like any other business. At the time this article was published gasoline was $4/gallon – you would not RUSH out to buy gas at $3.97 or risk a speeding ticket to buy gas for $4.05 because you heard it was going up to $4.15. So DON’T do anything silly concerning printing supplies either.

Here are some simple rules to follow in order to avoid getting ripped off by telemarket Pirates:

1. Ask for the name of the company, the phone number and street address

2. Ask for the full name of the rep
3. Tell them you will call them back because you are busy (you need time to research them)
4. NEVER give them ANY printer information over the phone
5. NEVER buy ANYTHING because of a fax you received

The reason these steps will save you money and embarrassment is because:

1. If they are Pirates they will NOT give you the company information

2. Typically they will not give you a name or they will pretend they are the rep for your current supplier
3. If they DO give you a number to call them back you have time to research their company on the web… be VERY diligent about this!
4. Once they have machine information they use it as a foot in the door hoping to catch a temp or a newby the next time
5. Yes, the crooks still use this outdated method – they figure if you are holding their info in your hand that somehow legitimizes them

For more information please contact us, sure - we would love to have your business, but more importantly we want you to be wise – we would rather have you buy from a real competitor than from a thief.

Author: Dan Widdis

Dan Widdis is the owner of TenPlus Toners, LLC / PrintCartridgePro.com, and been in the printing supplies industry since 1993 serving as Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Senior Buyer and Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

PrintCartridgePro.com sells ONLY Commercial Grade, Unconditionally Guaranteed print cartridges for use in laser printers, laser fax, laser MFC machines, impact printers, inkjet printers, postage meter printers, and 3D printers. All products have a 12 month warranty.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article or any of our products, please feel free to write to me directly at:SALES@PRINTCARTRIDGEPRO.COM



Sandra Widdis
Date: 2/9/2018
I think this is well written... even if it is by my husband!

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