How To Save Money On Printer Ink And Toner

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How To Save Money On Printer Ink And Toner

Posted by Dan Widdis on 3/22/2018 to All Articles

My name is Dan Widdis aka the ‘Print Cartridge Pro’ and I wanted to write this article to increase awareness of my company and to help teach others about how to save money on print cartridges for HP printers. This article may also help some to save money on Epson ink cartridges, they may save money on Brother printer inks and toners, and can work just as well for those who want to save money on their Canon printer ink and toner cartridges. The same can be said for folks who want to save money on Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox print cartridges.

I know a lot of people think that all remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges are cheap inks or cheap toners and don’t have the same print quality and page yield as OEM print cartridges. And then there are those who just shop for ink cartridge stores near where they live thinking they can save money buying cheap inks. What they don’t, or maybe don’t, understand is that not all ink and toner cartridges are made the same. There is a vast difference between OEM ink and toner and; compatible ink and toner, refilled (re-filled) ink and toner, recycled ink and toner and remanufactured ink and toner!

·         OEM ink and toner is made by companies like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Samsung, Xerox and other ‘brand name’ companies. These companies are STRONGLY against remanufactured ink and toner cartridges in any of the aforementioned forms. It cuts into their profits plain and simple. They have tried to regulate the after-market print cartridge industry but there are laws to prohibit such actions and they are designed to protect the consumer against such heavy-handed tactics by OEM manufacturers – one such law is the Federal Law known as the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act enacted in 1975. The notion of buying print cartridges from an ink store near where they live isn’t always a bad idea, but they should understand that just because they’re in a building with a sign that doesn’t mean they have any good product – the customer should be aware of the difference between compatible, refilled, recycled and remanufactured ink / toner cartridges.

·         A compatible ink or toner cartridge is one that is newly manufactured to replace the OEM ink or toner cartridge – these type of ink and toner cartridges may or may not work well but are not legitimate or legally recognized (like fake Levi’s jeans!) and the resellers can be sued by the OEM manufacturers… and SO CAN THEIR CUSTOMERS!

·         A refilled ink or toner cartridge is one that has had more ink or toner put into it without consideration of the internal workings – these are bad cartridges to use and can cause serious damage to an inkjet printer or laser printer. A recycled cartridge can be just about anything – the term merely implies some or all of the parts of the printer cartridges have been re-used… the same can be said about MOST of the OEM print cartridges! Somewhere on their boxes or on the printed materials inside their boxes is a statement that says “Manufactured with some new and re-used parts or components” – the wording may be slightly different from one manufacturer to another, but it’s there if you look for it. I would say that’s rather hypocritical on their part since they denounce ALL after-market ink and toner cartridges as if they’re junk, but they use the SAME PROCESSES as many after-market print cartridge companies! In every HP (and other OEMs) print cartridge box there is a UPS or FedEx label to return their empty cartridge back to THEM – what do you suppose THEY’RE doing with them? They’re remanufacturing them! Or how about Lexmark and Dell’s prebate toner system? Where they’re essentially buying back their own empty toner cartridges by selling them at a lower price than the non-prebate cartridges… once again, SO THEY CAN REMANUFACTURE them!

·         So then, what exactly IS a remanufactured inkjet or toner cartridge? When the term is used HONESTLY it represents an ink or toner cartridge that has been; pre-tested, dis-assembled, thoroughly cleaned, internal components replaced with new (not applicable with inkjet cartridges), outfitted with new micro-chips (where needed), filled with the CORRECT ink or toner – to the OEM manufacturer specs, re-assembled, post-tested and finally packaged for resale and sold as a ‘Re-manufactured ink or toner cartridge.’ This final example, when done properly (there are sadly still many companies out there who try to cut corners or deliberately use inferior replacement ink, toner and internal components), can result in a product as good as, or better than, OEM ink or toner. Ask your print cartridge store or reseller about their “failure rate.” A knowledgeable dealer uses the term failure rate to describe the percent out of 100 that they expect cartridge failures.

o   A premium quality remanufactured inkjet or toner cartridge, also called ‘Commercial Grade’ such as those sold at, will have a failure rate equal to, or better than, the OEM. Naturally, buying printer ink toner online from a reseller like has many advantages; the ink cartridge buyer and the toner cartridge buyer gets the BEST print cartridge money can buy, at the lowest possible price, with 1-2 day FREE shipping on all orders over $50… anywhere in America – direct to their home or office! Print Cartridge Pro cartridges are 100% TRUE Commercial Grade and Unconditionally Warranted and cannot void ANY new printer warranty! Don’t settle for cheap ink or cheap toner when for the same money you can get the very best the industry has to offer.

This same ink toner buyer’s guide applies to other print cartridge types as well, such as: color laser printer toner cartridges, impact printer ribbon cartridges, specialty ink high speed mailing / label printer cartridges and postage meter ink cartridges. There is no substitute for quality – don’t settle for cheap ink, toner, printer ribbons when you can buy premium quality printer ink, toner, printer ribbons for the same money at Print Cartridge Pro aka

Do you or your company use MICR printer toner cartridges? MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is the type of toner used for printing payroll checks and other electronically read documents. MICR toner cartridges are NOT manufactured by ANY OEM print cartridge company! Some companies like Troy and MPS (MICR Print Solutions) purchase OEM cartridge ‘BLANKS’ and then fill them with their own proprietary toner – others are remanufactured MICR toner cartridges. The same toner buyer’s guide would also apply to MICR toners here as far as manufactured type is concerned. At we offer two different types: Premium Quality Remanufactured MICR Toner Cartridges and “NEW” non-oem MICR made from original equipment blanks. At we sell the MPS brand (MICR Print Solutions) version of the non-oem new MICR toner cartridges for payroll printers. The reason we do NOT sell Troy MICR toner cartridges is because they are way too expensive with no good reason.

Print Cartridge Pro can also help you save money on 3D printer filament printing supplies! We offer an EXCELLENT quality ABS and PLA 1kg roll of 3D printer filament in; white, black, red, green, yellow and blue colors at a very affordable price. These are non-oem 3D printer filament replacements that will give you excellent printed products with great colors each with 1kg of filament per roll which will give you the same product yield as you would expect from the OEM 1kg 3D printer filaments in ABS and PLA.

Print Cartridge Pro continues to help you save money on fax film rolls for Brother fax, Panasonic fax and Sharp fax machines which use replacement fax film rolls and plain copy paper. We also help you save money on POS inkjet and POS ribbons, as well as help you save money on replacement calculator ribbons.

High speed mailing machines or high speed label machines use HP fastdry (HP fast dry) print cartridges which can be very expensive. At our after-market remanufactured high speed HP fastdry printer ink cartridges print perfectly, and are designed specifically to dry within HP OEM print cartridge specs. Rest assured, we understand very well that there is NO ROOM FOR ERROR on this application since labels or labeled magazines, brochures, cards, documents or other products are printed, and sometimes stacked, at exceptionally high rates of speed. We are the leader in this industry and the product of choice for high speed HP fastdry print cartridge buyers all across America.

How can we help you save money on your printer ink or printer toner. Do you need to save money on inkjet cartridges, save money on printer toner cartridges, save money on laser printer toners, save money on color laser printer toner cartridges. We can also help you save money on impact printer ribbons, save money on fax refill rolls. Or perhaps you have a Pitney Bowes postage meter printer and want to save money on postage meter ink cartridges or save money on postage meter envelope sealing solution. Envelope sealing solution is EXTREMELY expensive and we can help you save a LOT of money on sealing solution for your postage printer needs. Or do you have a 3D printer and need to save money on 3D printer filaments in various colors?

Are you looking for discount ink for your Asmarc postage printer? Do you need to save money on printing supplies for an Astro, Buskro or Collins printer? Or perhaps you would like to save money on EcoPost or FP Mailing Solutions (aka Francotyp-Postalia postage printers). At Print Cartridge Pro we can help you save money on Hasler postage supplies, Kirk-Rudy and MCS postage supplies. Would you like to save money on NeoPost, NuPost or Pitney Bowes postage supplies? We have money saving supplies for your Rena, Secap, VideoJet and Wolke printers.

So then, if you need to buy ink cartridges, or buy toner cartridges, or buy color printer ink toner cartridges, or you just need a discount ink cartridge or a coupon for inkjet and toner cartridges then you’ve come to the right place. At Print Cartridge Pro if you; 1) visit our Facebook page: and “LIKE” us and then also message us with your eMail address, then 2) go to our website at and in the lower right-hand corner sign up for our Newsletter, then 3) we will eMail you a FREE printer ink toner Discount Code good for $10 off ANY SIZE order – that you can also then share with as many people as you would like!

Now you know a bit more about printer cartridges near you – we have warehouses all over America and have FREE shipping on all orders $50 and up… nationwide, we have unbeatable quality with all the image quality and page yield you would expect from an OEM printer cartridge ink or toner, we are true 100% Commercial Grade and offer you an Unconditional Warranty! To put it simply: You CANNOT buy a BETTER print cartridge for LESS money anywhere in AMERICA – we GUARANTEE it! When you need a print cartridge you need Print Cartridge Pro!


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