Postage Meter Supplies and Specialty Inks – What You Should Know

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Postage Meter Supplies and Specialty Inks – What You Should Know

Posted by Dan Widdis on 2/20/2018 to News

postage and specialty inkNearly every large office uses one, yet nobody thinks about it – and when they do they think they MUST purchase the inks for their postage meter directly from the company who’s name is on the printer – WHY?!  

I cannot emphasize that WHY?! enough, and the reason is because these little ink cartridges can cost well in excess of $100 and they only print the postage!!! Your clients are NOT looking at your postage mark to see if they want to do business with you the same way they are looking at the document INSIDE the envelope! You CAN save a LOT of money on your postage meter supplies when you are an informed buyer, there’s no reason to purchase ink at the going rate of gold bullion!

Be an informed buyer if you’re serious about saving money, but know your postal inks MUST meet USPS requirements, if they don’t… you should understand your mail is coming back to you instead of reaching it’s intended destination.

·         Your ink should be the proper color – the wrong color and guess what… the postal mark readers can’t see it, or it causes delays – in either case you’re getting that mail back.

·         Not only that, it must also be the right TYPE of ink – if you have the wrong ink your post marks can smear, not stick to your envelopes or postcards, or even disappear!

·         You pay enough for postage already so there’s no need to pay nose-bleed prices for your postal ink BUT, you should ONLY purchase your inks from a highly reputable, authorized reseller such as

At we sell only USPS approved after-market inks, ribbons and sealing supplies – at a FRACTION of what you will pay for the same thing going through the company you got the postage meter from!

So, you say you don’t use these and what good is this information to you? Well, all businesses pass on their costs to their consumers so it benefits everyone to share valuable information such as this. Think about it, where have you seen a postage meter? your office, your accountant’s office, your lawyer’s office, your doctor’s office, your church’s office, your kid’s school, the newspaper office, nearly every corporate office. In fact, if you’ve been in more than one business today there’s a 50/50 chance one of them had a postage meter – DO THEM A FAVOR… tell them to take a moment and visit and check out the postage supplies, they WILL thank you later!  

Specialty Inks are another category altogether, but not so far removed as you’ll see here. Where postage printers print postage, other specialty inks are used to print; addresses, barcodes, expiration dates, product codes, etc. That mailer that you received from Art Van Furniture was address labeled on a high-speed printer using a specialty ink. These machines can print THOUSANDS of addresses in the time it would take you to print one address on an envelope! The businesses who use printing services with high-speed printers may be mailing/shipping tens of thousands, to perhaps millions, of articles every month.

Specialty inks are used on media of all types; from copy paper to shiny gloss paper, film, plastic, cardboard, velum, cloth, waxed cardboard and on and on. They’re used to print text, images, addresses, barcodes, expiration dates and more. From postcards to catalogs, from milk cartons to Frisbees, shipping labels to magazines, pop bottles to cans, and MUCH more!

Some specialty inks can appear to be just a regular inkjet cartridge but what’s inside is DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME! The machines that use them can print several articles per second. You can place a stack of a thousand envelopes at one end of the machine and press the “Start” button and by the time you can walk to the other end they’re already there waiting for you – printed clean, accurate and NOT smudged! Unlike your home inkjet printer these inks are FastDry – and will be dry in a tenth of a second, or less, after being printed.

Other specialty inks may not be high-speed/FastDry but instead designed to be used in highly sensitive areas, on very delicate articles, such as scientific documents and articles, medical devices and other medical applications, unique government applications and more.

As you might imagine, high-speed and other specialty inks can be VERY expensive and must be manufactured to extremely strict specifications, for this reason there are not many companies that remanufacture them or have the ability to meet the guidelines required. Here at we not only sell the remanufactured version that DOES meet those specifications, we are also a preferred source for such specialty inks. If you know someone who works for a company that prints high volumes of articles for other businesses, or – perhaps you know the businesses that use high-speed printing companies to label their articles. Either way, please share this valuable article with them, and their contact information with us. Any and all information shared will remain strictly confidential and will not be traded or sold - EVER.

Recycling Information: If you have empty Postage Meter inks, FastDry inks or Specialty Inks and would like to know they have been properly recycled (as opposed to simply tossed in the trash) please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will provide you with a FREE pre-paid UPS label to return them to a certified ink recycling center.

For more information about printing issues contact:, Toll-Free 844-230-6384, eMail us

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