Warranty Information

At PrintCartridgePro™ we take printing VERY seriously…especially when it is yours. Here is our easy to read guarantee: 

"When this product is used, as intended, it will provide OEM quality imaging and page yield. This guarantee is good for 12 full months from the original purchase date." Our after-market print cartridges cannot VOID any OEM printer warranty which is good news when you're trying to save money on printing supplies for your inkjet printers, laser printers, color laser printers, impact printers and especially those high-priced postage meter printers. 

In the unlikely event that one of our cartridges damages your printer, we will repair or replace that machine at our discretion. A written statement from a respected technician explaining the cause and extent of the damage is required, along with certain proprietary information coded on the cartridge.

The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act is a U.S. Federal Law that was enacted in 1975 to protect consumers against over-zealous manufacturers who wanted to “force” consumers to use a particular product or service.

Through the enactment of the Magnusson-Moss Act we now have the freedom to choose; what gas to put in our cars, what batteries to use in our toys, what operating systems to use on our computers and what ink or toner cartridges to use in our printers – without fear of voiding a warranty. We also have the right to choose who we want to have service our equipment.

So, the next time a salesman or technician tells you “You have to use xyz brand in your printer or your warranty is void” – tell him to put that in writing... because he’s just broken the law.